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Leader of the Week: Dinos Bakalis.

This week, we would like to highlight our team mate from Greece: Dinos Bakalis, who is doing a really impressive job. Greece is not an easy market, and Dinos tells us about that himself. The country has gone through hard economic times and is still in a difficult situation, following the recent international economic crisis, which affected many parts of the world, but which left a much longer lasting footprint in Greece. And that footprint is noticeable not only in the PIB numbers and bank accounts of the country, but...
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Interview with Maurizio Smedile & Ana Flavia Bittencourt

This time, our section of the outstanding leader of the week is dedicated not to one, but to two leaders, two international Diamonds that make up a great team in life and in business. Today, they'll tell us a little more about their experience in Network Marketing and their philosophy of success. How did you start in Network Marketing? Three years ago, a friend of ours invited us to attend a meeting of a network marketing company, and that was where we started. The first two years were difficult because...
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