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News from Córdoba, Argentina.


It has been quiet over the last few months because of new products, platforms and strategies!

Today, there is a lot of news and information:

The first strategy of 2018 was to open up new markets.

Second strategy was to put the network on a professional footing and to create leadership through restructuring.

The third strategy: The New Generation was created.

Former executives have left the company. Since these are gone, there is no more negative press.
Improving the flow of information, everyone should always have the same information and documents.
This strategy allows everyone to gain more weight in their words.
Restructuring is still within your own network, just for the same position you have when you’re active!
There are criteria for becoming the most active Blue and Black Diamonds Master Distributor!
Last week in Trinidad, there was an Inner Circle Meeting where new rules for GLG were set.

The new DealShaker platform:

The beta version tested for a week.
In Trinidad, the first 3 slides were presented.
Social network is integrated.
Users and merchants can join in groups.
Auctions are integrated.
Cash back for shopping in Coinback.
Search Engine – full search function.
Reviews for Merchants, listing of dealers according to the reviews.
Geographic Locator and Google Map Support.
Approval for merchants will be expanded.

DealShaker franchise becomes available for local markets.

Local language.
Local currency plus coins.
Local fees structure.
Local celebrations can be considered.

OneForex platform

Finally, there is the opportunity to learn all about currency trading and to benefit from the 5 training packages in practice from a market that makes over 5 trillion in sales daily.

In addition, it offers a new income opportunity.

The latest project from OneForex, an eBook on how to protect yourself from reviews.

New e-learning courses on coin offering law.
Level1 crypto-general in general up to Level4 coin offerings.
All courses together 2250€, – / each package has 1 split.

Investigation has found there is a Blockchain that confirms the IT report that all the characteristics of a Blockchain are met.

Who is ready to go public?

Coin offering starts in September 2018 and ends the following year!

How will this happen?

4 packages – each package has a different number of OFCs

First round for information
2. Round + 50%
3. Round + 40%
4. Round + 30%

The first round of the ICO will start on September 8 – a round of information and the time for the campaign.

The 2nd round starts on the 8th of October – everyone who buys one of the 4 packages will receive a lot of OFC and 50% bonus on top.

The 3rd round starts on the 8th of November – everyone who buys one of the 4 packages gets a lot of OFC and 40% bonus on top.

The 4th round starts on the 8th of December – everyone who buys one of the 4 packages receives a lot of OFC and 30% bonus on top.

The 7th of January is the last day of the Coin Offerings, so on the 8th of January the start of trading on an Exchange begins.

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