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Did you hear? There are positions for the ranks Diamond and bellow which are currently not taken!
For them, the company is giving members the opportunity to nominate someone from their network who, in
their opinion, is most suitable to obtain the vacant position in their structure and is not afraid to take over even
more responsibilities.

Please send your justified proposals for Diamond ranks and below to the members of the Inner circle. After
that they will be reviewed by the OneLife Compliance department. The names of the members who were
chosen for the positions available will be announced shortly after the completion of the review process.
!NB You can only obtain a position within your structure. Cross-lining could only be allowed
in an isolated case and only if it is a proven necessity!

Last week of the Wonder Wheel Promotion! It will be available until July 16th!
You know how it works! 25%, 50% or 100% of the tokens will be obtained with the activation of the chosen
packages after you spin the wheel!
Enjoy your additional promotional tokens while you advance with your education!
Take a spin! #Spinthewheel

Last week of the Premium Trader package promotion!
Just a few days left for you to seize the opportunity and grab the Premium Trader for 10 000 EUR instead
of 13 750 EUR! It will be available until July 16th!
Check out the Premium Trader package on and make the most of what it can
provide for your further knowledge.
NB! Please be informed that the restrictions regarding the two upgrades per account will be
removed for all accounts!

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