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Welcome to Jose Gordo, our Master Distributor.


As a community, we have faced numerous challenges, but this is what happens when you have an idea that clashes with the established traditions and the determination to go on with it, no matter what. But, the good thing about the challenges is that, after overcoming each of them, we grow and become a little stronger and much more united.

There is another sign of this growth and of our evolution as a global community: today, we are celebrating a very special appointment, that of Jose Gordo as the Master Distributor.

He has been part of OneLife for more than two years and, over this period of time, he has been 100% dedicated to and committed to the network and its members. He has helped to spread the message, but also to create success, joy and freedom.

Jose’s dedication is such that it should not surprise us that he has been chosen by the company to guide us all with his experience, his vision and his unique and energetic way of doing things, towards the new era of OneLife.

Jose Gordo – The Mentor.

Jose Gordo is a person of discipline, since his military training has marked his character, long before he opened the door to the world of business and entrepreneurship. But discipline is not at odds with warmth and spontaneity. Discipline is just being aware that when something requires a lot of work, it is because it is really developing, it is progressing.

One of the words that best define Jose is commitment, a word that is also closely related to discipline. His commitment ranges from the smallest things, such as the routines he chooses for his mornings and nights, to the strong and lasting bond he creates between him and each person who enters his life to learn by listening and observing his actions. While Jose is an experienced leader, it is his commitment that really makes him a mentor. It is not what he knows, not what he has learned, but the way he is willing to teach it to anyone who wants to learn.

Jose has the ability to spread his energy, his enthusiasm and his desire to go a little further and to fly a little higher, to a whole room full of more than a thousand people, with just a couple of words. He transmits that because he is sure that we are going in the right direction and at the right pace.

So, we must be very happy to have a great mentor like him, not only by our side, but also studying the path, walking the path and showing us the way with determination, discipline, commitment and security.

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