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The Character Forjed Before Anything: Oscar Cometa And Adriana Boada, Examples Of Life.


This week, we would like to show how a married couple, having had jobs with excellent salaries in the financial industry, decided to make their way in the MLM industry, having in their hearts the longing to enjoy more time with their little daughter Sara Valentina. Thus, in the following blog post, we would like to recognize this leading Latin American couple who, with a goal in mind and even more in their hearts, took a new vehicle that opened incredible doors to them: the Diamonds Oscar Cometa and Adriana Boada, Colombians of an incomparable character.

These spouses have the leadership in their blood, thanks also to the example of their parents, who taught them perseverance, discipline, integrity, honesty, devotion to their work and the desire to support many more people so as to achieve their goals. All these virtues were taught to them as children, and today, they have already impacted thousands of lives, generating trust and hope for many who believed in their hard work. Oscar, this distinguished partner in our company, shares that his great passion for the OneLife project and the network marketing industry is the ability to inspire others and to be their full support, teamwork and that those teams created finally become family.

However, even though it is his great passion, it was very difficult for him to start. This brother of ours tells us what the process was like of leaving the traditional industry where he had really comfortable conditions, a job in a powerful industry such as banking with a salary that allowed a quiet life with his family. Supposedly, everything was great. But one day, during a training session, he was asked a question that resonated in his head. He was asked if everything he wanted to achieve could be achieved where he was, and his immediate response was “it’s very difficult”. One of the most important things he didn’t have was quality time with his family, and he knew that when he was absent, it was not to create a brighter future for them, but an eternity of work and, maybe, a future pension. From there, he began to understand that he needed another vehicle to achieve his dreams and shared this idea with his wife, who soon joined his vision.

With 11 years of experience in the financial sector of a well-known Colombian company, Oscar was a real executive officer of large companies, but he wasn’t really happy. His first year as a networker was a lot of learning, it was a school for him, hard work and a race, but not with speed, but rather resistance. At some point, he joined the project, where today, he stands out as a Latin American Diamond with great achievements and an impeccable and implacable work. Where he was no longer employed to survive, but acted with love for his life project.

Adriana Boada, his wife, also an employee in the financial sector before joining the MLM industry, decided to accompany her husband in this life adventure, which would forever change the future of their home. Today, both happy declare how they have been able to fulfil their dreams and those of their daughter, dedicating quality time to the growth of the little girl. They enjoy with total admiration, for example, seeing how Sara Valentina is taking her first steps as a ballet dancer in her academy. That kind of thing is priceless, and both thank this industry for allowing this quality time with the little one.

It is a pride for us to have a partner like Oscar, a Diamond of hard work, passionate about what he does. We know this because we see how he enjoys seeing how his audience, team or every of the attendees of his training can be touched with hope, can understand that they can create an incredible future with determination and action. Oscar considers himself an action leader, one of the companions who never stop, accompanying his team to the most remote corner where his business is developing.

This couple of spouses works hand in hand, transmitting to their team to be men and women of total integrity, honesty and action. Integrity in doing the right things without looking for a personal benefit, but a collective one. Supporting people in a genuine way so that everyone can grow, and, in addition, this is reflected in a work consistent with their feelings and thoughts, of great sacrifice and commitment. Total honesty with everyone, as they share with us that “what I feel, I say and I do”. Finally, they are people of action, because nothing comes from nothing, everything is worked honestly, and we cannot expect the results to appear out of nowhere. The latter, the action is the strongest feature that, in their view, defines them on their way to success.

Walking hand in hand, together, they found many answers on the path of spirituality. Both have learned that this concept is essential for empowerment in any area of ??their lives. They have gained their spiritual knowledge from their belief and also from books, audio books and leaders in this field, but they think that the most important textbook of life and leadership is the Bible. They recommend, in the same way, other excellent books like: “The 4 Agreements” by Miguel Ángel Ruiz Macías, in which they emphasize the agreement -don’t take anything personally- and explain that life is always teaching you. On the other hand, “The Man Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin S. Sharma, which determines that not sticking to material issues makes their lives lighter. They also emphasize that our pocket grows according to our level of personal growth.

As you can see, this couple spends considerable time in constant training, and they tell us that, in this way, they form their character. They fully support the vision of Stephen Covey, when he said in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” that character always determines the success of a person.

They share all their knowledge with their team. They know that to have a healthy one, they must train in many areas of life: personally, in the ego, as well as in the business studies, among others. And they always insist that we are all responsible for the decisions we make and, likewise, for the future we create by taking them. They learned this from someone who is considered a great mentor, John Maxwell. One of their almost rituals before starting a meeting or training is to create a comfortable atmosphere, to break the ice, generating an environment of harmony, which allows them a better concentration.

Finally, Oscar confesses that he loves to listen to spiritual and development recordings daily as a method to enrich his self and organize his life. In addition, there is his great taste for singing, and he even studied vocal techniques for two years. He is passionate about the infrastructure of London, a city that yearns to visit soon, but he is already excited because he will be able, as a reward to his Diamond rank, to see Dubai, a dream that he will fulfil thanks to this great OneLife project. In addition, he also wants to visit the Holy Land and Egypt, because of its historical legacy. We know that with his dedication and commitment it will become a reality.

Oscar Cometa and Adriana Boada, great Latin American leaders, who still have a long way to go and an important example for many other couples. Today, they stand out for their total dedication and their results, and always share that everybody can achieve it. Their recommendation is to work hard on 3 fundamental aspects of our lives: the spiritual, which is the most important one, the emotional and interpersonal relationships. All this will provide a balance that will give you happiness. Also, take care of your health because your body is the temple to achieve all your goals.


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