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Rain of new ranks at OneLife.


OneLife keeps growing with strength and without limitations, and that is why right now, it is the network marketing company with the largest rank increase on a regular and constant basis.

Each new rank means not just one person, but many people who are fulfilling their dreams and transforming their lives. And it also means not one, but many people who have been brave enough to make the decision to face that challenge through their own actions.

Each rank, from the Sapphire itself, is a proof that our plan is ongoing, working and creating permanent changes in the world.

And, in recent months, we have been seeing a rising tide of Diamonds and Blue Diamonds, among many other ranks.

Today, we want to dedicate a special publication to congratulate all those who have climbed one more step towards the top of their dreams, all those who have worked hard for themselves, their families and their colleagues, those who are willing to inspire and to remain faithful to the project and the goal.

To all of them, congratulations! Not only because of the ranks they have reached, but because of everything they are achieving. And thank you for being part of this great and beautiful family.

Below, you can see some of the most recent ranks achieved.

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