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Julien Zerbini. “Forge your character and walk confidently to success”


Julien Zerbini is one of our leaders that we are proud to highlight. His journey allows us to learn how to achieve the things we aim at when we have a clear purpose and also when we build a character in excellence. He is an upright man who, until today, has managed to impact thousands of lives. Julien Zerbini is a OneLife Diamond, who has given his best leaving a unique legacy in Latin America. Being of French origin, he has his heart in Mexico and has also shared this project in more than fifty countries.

This leader of leaders is a man who with his discipline, dedication and perseverance has achieved a resounding success, which we will discover in the following blog post.

From a very young age, Julien was fortunate to have an example of a wonderful life, perseverance and desire to get ahead no matter what the circumstances were. This was his mother, who in the first years of Julien’s life, got widowed and decided to take the reins of her home in an honourable way. She decided to set up her own business and opened a restaurant, thus showing her son that in this life, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and that with focus and a lot of honesty, hard work, perseverance, dedication, service, consistency and discipline, your dreams become a reality.

For this reason, Julien was always clear that he wanted to be a successful entrepreneur, to obtain with his own effort, as well as his mother did, the resources necessary to have a quality life, being his own boss, free of the system and passionate about his work that would surely be well paid. But it was not easy. In his first attempt to start a traditional business, Julien realized that setting up a company had a very high cost, in any area. Life made him go through some bumps, but every failure he encountered on his way was contributing into an upright character so as to become a recognized entrepreneur years later.

Working at the restaurant of his mother, 19-year-old Julien learns about the world of network marketing. Not so convinced initially, but motivated by a fervent desire to be a successful entrepreneur, he was open to opportunities. Julien’s experience is formed not only in traditional businesses, but also by his career in the MLM industry. At one point in his life, he left his personal mark in the commercial world, clearly occupying the best positions.

As Stephen Covey, one of the most influential people in the business world, says in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, a forged character leads to a decisive success. This is the life of Julien Zerbini: a forged character with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to eat the world have formed a man full of impressive qualities that have allowed him to go very far. And Julien still has a lot of work ahead in his life, as he himself has shared with us on several occasions: his great goal is to continue impacting lives, as long as he has the opportunity to do so.

Julien is a charming person, but he tells us that as a child, he didn’t have many friends because of his strong character. But today, just by listening to a few words, we realize all his wisdom from his solid experience of more than 10 years in this industry and his warm heart, which makes him an admirable person. Today, as a mentor, he has many fans who admire his special dedication to his team and that determination to train his leaders.

This leader shows us all his potential, thanks to his results that speak for themselves and also his public performance, which we can attest every time we have the opportunity to receive his training at large events. Julien represents a total dedication on stage, a solid information, confidence in his speech and a tranquillity that comes from his long career. Julien is a man who knows the OneLife business and the world of cryptocurrencies, enjoys the fact of bringing financial education to many people and understands the concept that as a team, we can go further. So, he made up his team, with took him to the Diamond rank and today is characterized as being of high impact.

On the other hand, Julien is characterized by being an honest, loyal, sincere, tolerant, responsible and faithful man. These are the values he speaks about and that define him as a person. Despite being of European origin, today, his heart belongs to a great woman from Mexico, who is also part of his work and with whom he plans to share his life, where they accompany each other and enjoy the world hand in hand.

There is still much to see from this great mentor. Julien is a young man who has many skills and abilities to give his best, to make more happy families, to impact many more lives and to achieve many more ranks in his team. We will be following this successful OneLife leader who always has something to teach us.

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