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Alejandro Taylor A Man With A Vision And A Life Purpose


Sometimes, it’s even annoying to hear again and again that it is important to have a life purpose, and perhaps, it’s also somewhat overwhelming to see that it’s easy to say, but difficult to do. Many times, we actually focus on complicating our lives and remain just a step away from taking important action, which can lead to an ultimate failure of any dream we aim at; a failure that consists in being unhappy with what you do in life.

Alejandro Taylor is an incredible example of a leader, who teaches us to have a clear purpose in life and to develop a character in order to achieve it. It is important to mention that Alejandro is not that different from us: he has the same abilities and skills as any other human being. But what makes him totally different is that in his veins, there is a passion to have an extraordinary life, and not only he thinks and feels it, but he also makes all the necessary effort and takes action to make his dreams come true. One day, about three years ago, Alejandro firmly decided to create a promising future, planned an entire winning strategy and took the necessary steps for this, so today, he shows us with facts that his name and his words have power.

This Latin American leader is one of the pioneers in Argentina. Alejandro set out to take a project of great scope that is OneLife to his land and reached the greatest turnover and growth of OneLife in Latin America. He is a pureblood Argentinian, who made Argentina the country with the highest production and massive action, creating a very efficient communication and team coordination system.

The growth in Argentina has been the result of a strategy that had been developed by Alejandro Taylor, now a recognized Diamond in the OneLife company. That plan was designed during one night, accompanied by a coffee after having attended the great global event in London, CoinRush, which allowed Alejandro to understand that if others were able to achieve it, he had everything to make it through, too. But Alejandro also knew that he needed to give the best of himself. His determination was clear: he would dedicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to creating his extraordinary future, no matter the price.

Since then, Alejandro began to use all the tools that the Internet could offer and took good advantage of the technology for the development of his business, the same way the company had done to take OneCoin that far. Alejandro’s WhatsApp, his new ally, would be available full time to respond to any leader of his structure. Alejandro works for people and with technology as his strategy: this was the key that boosted his success.

Likewise, Alejandro Taylor joined forces with his entire team and developed a media strategy that allowed an incredible outreach. They used all the weapons and supported our army. The team contributed total commitment, constant work and complete dedication 365 days a year. Alejandro knew that he had found the things that he liked the most: the Internet, communications, finances and, especially, financial freedom in his own right, earned with hard work. He also focused on making many more people see what he had already seen and be able to take this opportunity and radically change their lives.

There is still a lot to do. This OneLife Diamond knows that he still has work ahead, and we all know that there are many more achievements there for Argentina, since this team has created organic structures through the presentation of the project with solid arguments, constant training and the contribution of motivational force, so that people believe in themselves and understand that they have all the potential to achieve success: it is about taking the decision and making it possible. We are attentive and eager to see how this OneLife IMA family member mounts new challenges during this crucial year for the world of cryptocurrencies, a decisive year in many aspects.

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