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This week, we would like to highlight an important message: if you do what you love with passion, it pays off, and a lot! We can assure this after seeing the great achievements of our teammate, Diego Cajigal, especially in his work in Latin America. This great brother of ours has taught us many strategies of the work he does. He doesn’t get tired, he is persistent, always leaving a mark wherever he goes. The truth is that Diego does his work with a real pleasure, and with his example, he inspires us to be better and better every day. It is also a very powerful feeling to see how he leads by example thousands of couples who work as a team, because Diego develops this great network hand in hand with his wife, working effectively together for more.

In Bogotá, Diego told us how he feels having had the opportunity to work in already four network marketing companies. He feels proud and he tells us that he took pains to give the best of himself. And of course, we believe in him. In each of the companies he worked, he did his best and learned a lot. Diego has worked in four companies over the last 14 and a half years, had his ups and downs, but always showed himself as a hard and dedicated worker.

On several occasions, Diego Cajigal told us that one of the secrets of success in network marketing is to help create awareness in people. When you create awareness of the power that each one of us has, of the importance of taking action in our life and of not accepting excuses, you connect with people, get to their heart, create a stronger bond, as well as make them leave their comfort zone and express that you care. This is one of the reasons why our colleague Diego works with passion in this industry. It is not about fishing for another, it is about teaching them to fish, to be an inspiration for all.

This work seems easy at the first sight, but the truth is in the effort and hard work, as Diego says himself: working as a professional in network marketing is for the brave, it is a work of focus, courage and perseverance.

But there are many reasons why we keep on doing this work, advantages that overweigh disadvantages. All the effort we make to develop solid organizations and a sustainable business is worth it. The reward is high and allows us to achieve great goals.

Diego is a clear example of this concept. And we discover it every time he tells us about his process. But it is important to highlight one thing in particular, and we agree with this position: that without a life purpose, the efforts made may wear you out and put you on a wrong way. When we have a clear goal, nobody can distract us. From our colleague, friend and teammate Diego, it has always been clear that he wanted freedom, in terms of both money and time.

Today, Diego can enjoy the prosperity that his work has given him. He can spend quality time with his loved ones, travel hand in hand with his wife, seeing the world. They really value the process and are proud to have made this decision.

These types of benefits are priceless. That’s when Diego talks to us with even more passion, because he feels in his blood that all the sacrifices were really worth it, and that’s why he was able to make his dreams come true. We networkers enjoy undertaking, because we know that sooner or later, we will be successful. It is about time, patience, discipline, perseverance and determination. Success is the result of many things that we create. We create our future and we choose to be successful, so all the effort is worth it.

On the other hand, it is also of great satisfaction to see how others fulfil their dreams and become successful, thanks to the commitment and dedication that you showed them. The feeling is incredible when someone is grateful to you from the heart because you have accompanied them and given them the opportunity to join a project.


Diego Cajigal knows that the network marketing industry is special, because it allows us to develop, to teach and to inspire other people to make the decision and to start changing their lives. We generate positive changes.

Network marketing companies allow an incredible social development, changing the quality of lives of thousands of people, and not only because of the income they receive, but also because it makes them improve and undertake. And when a person takes action, their potential capabilities and skills are developed to the maximum level. Being a professional in network marketing is for brave people who, with determination, choose the extraordinary, definitively leaving their comfort zone.

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