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OneLife IMA Official is born!


We have been preparing for the transition to this exciting moment. The idea was very clear, the one of us all being part of this great and beautiful global family. All this is about the Outburst movement: a code name we gave to what we saw as a burst of colours, as something very special that would affect each and every one of us in a positive way. This is how we saw the birth of the new OneLife IMA Official: like a huge confetti cannon that opens a new stage for everyone.


Each of you belongs to a team. You, with your own identity, perhaps, and with a name which you feel very represented with. And all that is perfectly valid, it’s great, it unites you and motivates you. But at the end of the day, we are all part of the same great team, part of a much larger whole, of a dream with a unique name.


That is why it is necessary to find a common corner for everyone, and if there is none, we create it! A corner available in several languages ??and that would reflect the spirit and values ??of OneLife, where we can find or spread news of the company and that is, above all things, a place created by and for distributors.


Hence the name: OneLife IMA Official. By IMAs, for IMAs and, in addition, OFFICIAL. What we want to say is that it is not just another IMA page, and it doesn’t belong to a specific team, but rather is an official and global meeting point of the entire OneLife community.


Our mission is unity, our goal is to fulfil all your dreams, and our weapons are information and collaboration. As part of our project to continue uniting and amplifying the potential of all the IMAs of the company, the OneLife Magazine IMA was issued a few weeks ago, and its first edition rocked in Bogotá. It is a publication that will have special physical and digital monthly editions where we will reflect success, effort and improvement stories, news of the company and tools for the growth of your business and your leadership, among other content. And you can already subscribe here to find out when the next numbers are due: http://onelifemagazineima.com/

With these projects, we are working to have the community more prepared, more motivated and more united in the whole industry; even more, if possible. And so will it be, because the impossible doesn’t exist when we work together for the same dream.

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