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Jaiber Pérez, a Forex expert: “Wealth is a divine creation.”


Last weekend, we met again in Bogotá, with enthusiasm, passion and great strength. It was one of those moments that no networker should miss. But as our teams spread to almost every corner of the planet, we know that it is likely that you are one of those people who couldn’t attend this great event. And therefore, you haven’t had the opportunity to learn very valuable lessons from an expert: Jaiber Pérez.

Jaiber Pérez Vargas has been working with Forex Capital Markets, one of the most important companies in the world of Forex, for 12 years, and in 2005, he was named the best trader by several platforms in that industry. Only with these references, you understand that you have in front of you someone who knows very well about money and how it works, and especially how it makes the world work.

But that is not Jaiber’s only occupation or talent. In addition to being an expert investor in capital markets, such as derivatives, bonus, stocks, commodities and currencies, a financier with specialization in foreign exchange risk and market analysis, Jaiber is a talented speaker. His success as a lecturer can be credited by the training he has developed in Neurolinguistic Programming, focused on the understanding of the human mind, with the purpose of not only transmitting the information in an appropriate way, but also of understanding why people deal with money the way they do, and in this way, with their skills, getting to break paradigms and sending assertive information directly to the mind.

First of all, it is important to recognize that Jaiber is one of the most influential experts in the Forex market, who has trained many people throughout his professional career, with excellent results. He is also an excellent coach who advises large companies and is the co-founder of the “School of Wealth”, a training and education program for business and entrepreneurial minds.

Jaiber is also known by our colleagues in several Latin American countries for his sections in television programs in Caracol Internacional, Channel U, Telemedellín and Televida, where he usually instructs the audience on topics such as investments, business and financial matters, as well as emotional intelligence.

There are many entities, both business and governmental, that counted on Jaiber’s collaboration as a lecturer, and we can say that OneLife has the honour to be among those business entities.

Particularly, Jaiber Pérez offered us a training session in Bogotá that left us completely amazed. He talked about Forex, a tool that we are beginning to understand and manage thanks to the educational platform of OneAcademy, and he made us break our own paradigms, rethink what we thought we knew about money and see it from another point of view. A truly groundbreaking presentation.

In addition to his training, in an interview with OneLife’s Latin American ambassador Jose Gordo, Jaiber shared his vision about the financial changes that we are currently experiencing. In this interview, we were able to learn much more about the structure of the financial thought of this lecturer, as we will see later. Jaiber tells us about his professional career and his beginnings. He tells us about the reality of the money that we ignore every day: an example that happened in ’75, when the exchange rates were released, with gold coming out as the reference rate and paper money becoming a clear speculation. And he also tells us about how we should understand luck or wealth, among other things. One of the most striking statements Jaiber left us in this interview was the following:

“Poverty is a human creation, wealth is a divine creation.”.

But luckily for you and for all of us, we will be able to enjoy his wise words again: you will be able to see and hear the complete interview in the next publication.

And stay tuned! Because very soon, we can also have available online Jaiber’s training on the currency market and the breakdown of mental paradigms about money.

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