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OneCoin in the Asia Le Mans Series.


If you like sports and speed, you might already know about the Asia Le Mans Series championship, a series of competitions held on Asian soil that was created following the famous “24 hours of Le Mans”.

The Le Mans Series exists in Europe, Asia and America. It’s one of the most prestigious and exciting championships in the world of motorsport.

The Asian Le Mans Series is about to close its season by celebrating its penultimate round in Thailand, on January 11, 12 and 13. Its last round will be held the first weekend of February, and after it’s finished, many of those who have been in the first positions will have the possibility of competing in the “24 hours”.

But are we going to talk about competitions, positions and teams?

We won’t! What we are really interested in is that in today’s competition, “6 hours of Buriram” in Thailand, part of the Asian Le Mans Series, we can see some very familiar logos…

OneLife and OneCoin are sponsors of the race! At one of the most important competitions in the world! And we even have a car on the circuit represented under the OneCoin brand.

OneCoin will continue to be part of the competition, also sponsoring the race that will take place in February in Malaysia. It is an important event in the world of sports, and we are all very happy to be part of it.

Little by little, OneLife and OneCoin are growing to become globally recognized brands. That is why we are and will continue working until October 8 and on!

In addition, many leaders have expressed their desire to show their support by attending the race, and we have some pictures of Fran Ricketts, Sebastian Greenwood and Simon Le among others.

Here are some photos and videos of what happened today during the race.


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