2018: the best year for network marketing?


This industry, our industry, has been around for many decades providing freedom, purpose and happiness to many people. It is an industry where you can find more people than anywhere who have gone from having a very low income, or even difficulty finding a job and paying their bills, to having a more prosperous life and even to being able to identify themselves as rich people by their level of both active and passive income.

And during all this time, the network marketing industry has done nothing but improve.

During all these decades, not only sales and duplication systems have been developed, but also a solid leadership has been created and the concepts of personal development and financial freedom have been taken to more and more people.

What we have seen so far gives us reasons to be optimistic for this year: everything suggests that this year will be the best for network marketing so far. And the next one, of course, should overcome it even more.

But you might doubt.

You might think that 2017 hasn’t been so good, and the forecasts don’t necessarily have to improve. If you think that, it is because you have had some failure this year or have seen someone fail. Maybe, you’ve seen people leave your team.

But this happens any year and in any part of the world and in any company. Moreover, it turns out that in almost any industry, there will be a high percentage of people who will try to make a career and give up after a short time.

This happens because many people still need to develop a mindset that values ??persistence instead of an instant gain without effort. But, this is where the optimism from the beginning of this article comes in: really, more and more people are developing the necessary mindset to understand how the business works and not to give up at the first failure.

In addition, the world is changing. With many industries staggering and having to drastically change their models, people need to understand that there are other ways of doing things. Network marketing evolves, adapts to the times and the demands of people, both in consumption habits and in business opportunities.

The point is this: there are still many people in the world who don’t know the industry completely, or who have only heard about it in a very vague and erroneous way. Most don’t even know what it is about.

This represents both a challenge and an opportunity.

It is a challenge, because we are embarking on the mission of making network marketing better understood and better considered. We can remove that stigma of “a formula to get rich without effort” that ends up in disappointment and deception. And for that, we also have to make an effort to banish that idea.

And it is an opportunity, because it means that there are many people who are still waiting, even if they don’t know it, to find your product or the business that you can offer them.

Let’s look at this year with optimism. It will be the year in which we would become wiser, reach more people and make network marketing an even more extensive, richer, stronger industry and with more happy people taking part in it.


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