OneForex is here!


Yesterday, a new OneLife and OneAcademy project was launched: OneForex.

It is an educational platform that offers different training packages on trading and the currency market.

This new educational tool will allow you to get familiar with Forex, the world’s largest foreign exchange market, as well as to learn the best strategies about how to take advantage of its operations.

And it will also allow you to participate in Forex! Not only is it an educational tool, but you will also be able to put into practice what you are learning and start carrying out your own operations with currency pairs.

And very soon, you will also be able to trade your ONE coins through the OneForex platform!

So, we are going to start 2018 learning with OneForex how to handle a very useful tool that will allow us to get even more benefit from the amount of ONES we will have mined over the remaining months until it’s released to the market.

Find more information in this video:


And you can now explore the official OneForex website here: https://www.oneforex.eu/

and find there much more information to start studying right away!

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