Ideal gifts for your team!


On these days, it’s a time when we traditionally make gifts. Holidays, the desire to celebrate them, you and your team can also organize a Secret Santa!

You might also be looking for a way to combine a nice Christmas gesture for some of the members and a way to motivate them for the coming year.

Be that as it may, why not? When you are happy and successful, any occasion is good to share part of that happiness doing something nice for others. And even more on dates like these, when we traditionally celebrate everything together.

You might have already thought about a perfect gift for everyone. But if you are still looking for ideas, today, we want to dedicate a post to point out some very useful gift ideas for any networker. Such gifts are not only nice, but they also contribute some value to their business, either in terms of motivation, organization or development.

A personalized mug

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s a good time to review the tasks. It is much better when you start the day with a good cup of tea or coffee with a beautiful mug with your favourite motivational quote. Even better, with your personal brand logo on it.

Ideal to start the day with all the necessary motivation!

Business cards

If any of your colleagues still don’t have their own cards, you can surprise them with a good batch of beautiful cards for them to promote their business even better. Of course, it’s something personal, and you might not be 100% correct with the idea you have of their personal brand image, but still, it’s a gift. They can order new cards when they want.


A tripod for smartphone.

This is a gift idea for that leader who likes doing online training and often records themselves offering tips and tricks. Using a tripod, they can have the best angle for their phone’s camera while recording at home and for their weekly trainings. It can be even taken when going on a trip; you never know when you are inspired to share an experience or a good thought with your team!

Filofax diary.

A nice diary on rings, with leather cover and clean sheets for daily tasks, contacts, notes and more things. The diaries of this brand are of very high quality, and their inner sheets can be replaced or recharged. It is a very good tool to get organized and start carrying all you need for your business. And one of its strengths is that it is highly customizable, so everyone can arrange the order and sections they need.


A subscription to an online CRM tool.

Another similar, but more technological option is a subscription of, for example, three months to an online CRM tool: Customer Relationship Management. These tools are like a control panel that always has an online copy of your contacts, prospects, the notes you have of them, your appointments, when you have the next meeting…

One of the simplest examples is Pipedrive, where you can arrange your contact cards depending on the state of your professional relationship.

Many of these tools have their version for both computer and smartphone, so you can always carry it with you.


A Mandala colouring book

A good gift for a colleague with artistic and creative nature. Actually, it’s a great gift for everyone! Colouring is a relaxing activity that allows you to reflect, meditate and disconnect at the same time you give life to an inspiring drawing. While some people prefer landscape design books and magical motifs, such as the well-known “Enchanted Forest”, we will recommend the books exclusively of Mandala designs, ideal for meditation, colouring from the centre to the outer circles. If you pair the book with a pack of quality pencils, like Faber Castell, or fine-tipped gel pens, you’ll make a complete gift.

An original alarm clock

We depend on the mobile phone for everything. And you know what? You also have to turn it off. For that leader who hasn’t yet managed to develop healthy and repairing sleep habits, an alarm clock is the best gift. For example, this one:

It has a nice and relaxing night light, a radio, and you can also load it with your own songs. It also works as a speaker for your phone, but we have already talked about turning off the phone and, if possible, having a good time before going to sleep. Read a good book or write in the diary with the dim light of its lamp and program it to sound maybe at least 10 minutes before the time when the phone is on again.


A Gratitude Journal

You can buy a nice notebook with daily sheets, a modern or a traditional one, with leather or cardboard covers. Be that as it may, try to make it beautiful, and make sure it has enough sheets for your teammate to give a LOT of thanks next year.


A book of their favourite author (or your favourite!)

Give them a good book that would be useful for their personal development. Something of Worre, Kiyosaki, Maxwell… If they haven’t read your favourite author or the book that has marked your life the most, take advantage and give it to them. No more excuses not to read it! It is important for it to be something that you have already read and know what impact it can have on their personal life and development as a leader, and not just give them a best seller.


These are our recommendations. Although, surely, when reading these ideas, you thought of something that had been very useful to you, something that will brighten the day or make it much more rewarding to any of the members of your team.

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