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Leader of the Week: Dinos Bakalis.


This week, we would like to highlight our team mate from Greece: Dinos Bakalis, who is doing a really impressive job.

Greece is not an easy market, and Dinos tells us about that himself. The country has gone through hard economic times and is still in a difficult situation, following the recent international economic crisis, which affected many parts of the world, but which left a much longer lasting footprint in Greece. And that footprint is noticeable not only in the PIB numbers and bank accounts of the country, but in the character of its people that have become more distrustful.

But, in addition to that distrust and fear of suffering again, there is also hope and a need to overcome it. In the words of Dinos himself, there is a need to be able to dream again.

And that’s where Dinos and his team play an important role, and so does OneLife’s financial education.

“We started a year and a half ago. The Onelife leadership team Hellas is made up of excellent professionals with the right skills and knowledge to create the largest and most successful network ever in Greece. We already have hundreds of graduates from our Master classes, and our goal is to educate over 100,000 Greeks.”

And so, the Greeks are recovering control over their economy, little by little! Dinos and his team, OneLife Hellas, are doing an extraordinary job, not only promoting financial education packages and creating new users, but working on the further training of these users. And, in addition, expanding the team throughout Greece and other parts of the world. In fact, Dinos expects to create many more Diamonds coming from the Hellenic country in the next year.

Well, how did the adventure of Dinos Bakalis begin in our beloved industry?

He tells us that he started with a brief experience 17 years ago, when a friend invited him to a presentation. Dinos fell in love with the concept immediately. However, it did not go very well then.

But like any real success story, one always has to get lost a couple of times before hitting the right path. Dinos got back into the business 5 years ago, and this very month marks two years since he joined OneLife.

“A very good friend and partner of mine spoke to me about this in December 2015. It took me two months to decide, but after the appointment with Jose Gordo, I started right away. For me it was very clear that this is the best business proposition I had never heard of.”

So true! True, because now, Dinos is changing thousands of lives, even while you’re reading these lines.

And curiously enough, one of his most treasured memories related to network marketing, as he says, was the moment he took the decision in Paris. On his return trip, Dinos was completely convinced that he had made one of those decisions that change lives. This was a great sign!

Dinos’ secret was the discovery of his WHY and finding the purpose for his work, as well as helping the members of his team to find those same things within themselves, their WHYs.

“A real deep purpose for success can move mountains.”


Powerful words full of reason.

It is clear that one of those powerful reasons that have made Dinos such a strong leader lies in his own family, but also in the idea that there are many more families that need to dream again. And see their dreams fulfilled.

And that is why it is so touching when Dinos explains to his daughters why he sometimes has to travel so much for work.

“Dad travels all over the world to help other dads and mums buy toys for their children.”

If it sounds like the best job in the world, maybe it’s because it is! And surely, you already know it if you are part of this great team, OneDreamTeam, or that of Dinos in Greece: OneLife Hellas.

And if you still don’t know, read carefully, because Dinos has told us what kind of people he is looking for:

“What I am looking for in a partner is a small flame in their eyes. I try to figure out whether they want to go to the path of success, if they are willing to make the sacrifices required, if they want to become a better person. I want them to be accustomed to being unique and to discover the greatness within.”

Dinos wants its OneLife Hellas team to be a real agent of change, a tool not only for the development of the OneLife’s global community, but for the purpose of boosting the entrepreneurial spirit in Greece, as well as for preparing the next generation for a completely different economic scenario.

Like all of us, Dinos is grateful to have the opportunity to be part of this huge dream, of building a strong, global community with the power to change everything.

Congratulations for everything you’ve done so far, Dinos, and thank you for your excellent work!

Dear reader, if you want to know more about Dinos Bakalis or contact him, visit OneLife Hellas:

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