Mastermind: a spectacular finishing touch to a magical year.


The last month of the year has just started. It’s high time we counted up everything we had lived and learned over the last twelve months, made our plans and designed our dreams for next year.

Although a single month can go a long way (there is still a lot of work to be done in the coming weeks, and we may see more news before we bid farewell to 2017), the truth is that we have already experienced a whirlwind of news, latest developments, achievements and recognitions in the last three months alone. And the Thailand Mastermind event is a perfect icing on the cake, just like the final trail of fireworks, which is a very appropriate metaphor to the explosions of emotion, light and colour that we have lived over these months of the year.

And exactly, Mastermind comes after several very intense days in which we have enjoyed the Merchant Expo: a trade fair attached to the DealShaker platform, and an intense day of training.

Mastermind has already become one of the most important appointments for every member of our global family. An annual global event to reflect on the phase we have passed and the one we are entering at the moment. And that spirit is marked by the words of the Crown Diamond Simon Le, just to dismiss the event: “The new stage begins RIGHT NOW!”

The powerful sound of the drums opened the event, making the Siam Niramit Theater vibrate at the same time as the enthusiastic hearts of the audience.

The drums gave way to the Black Diamonds Natchaphan Sonsirinun and Staffan Liback, who welcomed and encouraged the audience with the anticipation of an event full of great moments to remember.

“2018 will be the second wave: a lot of new things and people are coming in.” – Sebastian Greenwood.

But emotion is not incompatible with knowledge, and that is why we have had the privilege of witnessing the presentation of Chris Principe, the editor of the Financial IT magazine. Principe understands very well the importance of FinTech in today’s world as it is his area of expertise, so he reminded us that this type of organization is also the door to the democratization of finance: we take control of the economy through technology, control that until now has only belonged to governments and their institutions. With projects like this, we have the opportunity to set our money free. And not only that! We are helping to create a world where we will have control not only of our money, but also of our personal data and our documents right at our fingertips.

Chris Principe also made a little play on words, FinTech as FemTech: women are going to have a very important role in technology and business starting from now on and becoming more noticeable in the coming decades.

We had a special guest: Konstantin Ignatov, the brother of Dr. Ruja Ignatova, came to share some stories of their childhood together in a truly endearing moment.

And after looking briefly into the past to understand where the vision comes from, we look towards the future for all the changes that are to come: Sebastian Greenwood, the Global Master Distributor, announced that we will have another great captain at the helm of this powerful ship:

Frank Ricketts was appointed Global Network Consultant, which is more than a rank, it’s a huge responsibility of taking the OneLife network a little further. And Frank Ricketts is the right person to do that, since he is an expert in the industry and perfectly understands its complexity. With more than 30 years of working in network marketing and his experience as CEO of other companies, Ricketts is the perfect captain to tune the wings and navigate to a new stage of the company as exciting as it is full of challenges.

He told us that, together and united, we will be capable of everything.

“Network marketing is a movement, it’s a lot more than any product. It’s all about building relationships.”- Frank Ricketts.

We open the door to a new stage and a new year where EVERYTHING will change. And we will be perfectly prepared with the strength of our teams, the unity of all and the wise decisions of leaders such as Staffan Liback, Sebastian Greenwood and Frank Ricketts, leading guides of the OneLife community.

But the most important parts of this event were, without a doubt, the recognitions. Again, and again, the stage was covered in successful leaders, dreamers who are already living the dream. Smiling faces and emotions shared in each of the moments of congratulations on the great work done.

Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala presented one of those moments where they took the opportunity to give us some great lessons about the importance of teamwork. Great speakers and an inspiration for many of us who were present.

Today, in addition to the congratulations, many leaders who were recognized received as a souvenir a pin or a watch (an exclusive Rolex) and, in addition, a glass plaque commemorating not only their rank, but this particular and special day. Even Sebastian Greenwood has received one!

And all this happened in changing and spectacular surroundings that was filled with music and pure magic, with performances of musicians and dancers. The folklore of Thailand, the host country, left us some beautiful moments, something that would excite the local public, but that also fascinated those coming from other parts of the world!

By the way, speaking of Thailand, something that will especially interest our colleagues in OneDreamTeam: Staffan Liback let us see, exclusively, a video of the last Blue Diamond retreat in Thailand, which had taken place just a few days before the event. And he reminded us that next year, any of us can be there.

It could be you, too!

Next year is only a few weeks away. Now, it’s time to prepare to say goodbye to 2017 with a smile and receive 2018 with even greater enthusiasm. Because the best is yet to come.

If you want to see the event by yourself, here you have it online:

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