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Mariana Lopez de Waard, simply incredible.


Yesterday, the official OneLife Facebook page issued a publication for us to get to know Mariana Lopez de Waard a little better. If you want to see the original OneLife article, here it is at this link.

The great majority of our leaders and members of OneDreamTeam know Mariana well: she is an unstoppable woman who has raised many teams in various parts of the world to a very high level of excellence.

So today, we make use of Mariana’s remarkable OneLife leadership profile to spotlight a special featured article, and the reason is as follows:

Mariana is simply amazing.

Mariana is an inspiration for all of us: she is a very energetic woman, who with her words, actions and her beautiful smile transmits the true spirit of network marketing.

Mariana represents perseverance and consistency in her daily work and in the story she tells about her beginnings in network marketing. She didn’t have immediate success; Mariana’s ascent to the summit of the industry was rather slow, but steady, with a lot of patience and always keeping the objective in view.

Her success story is an example to follow for men and women, but we must highlight the impact Mariana has especially on our female colleagues, who see in her a reflection of what can be achieved with focus, setting clear priorities and getting rid of mental barriers.

Mariana is also a noteworthy role model for mothers, conveying the idea that children don’t have to stop you from reaching high positions in the world of business, but they will be your main source of inspiration and energy.

From the first day Mariana set foot in the network marketing industry, she had a very clear objective: she wanted a job that would also allow her to give the best possible life to her child, as well as to become the best example for him. She wanted to make a successful career without giving up spending quality time with her son.

All these objectives have been reached, and Mariana keeps collecting achievements and setting new goals for herself and her team: she has recently become a Black Diamond, a rank that only a few leaders of the industry hold. This accomplishment is also significant because of the fact that Mariana now has the privilege, or the responsibility, of being the first and only Spanish-speaking woman holding this rank.

But beyond ranks and numbers, Mariana is where she is now because she never gave up and because of having taken a serious and irrevocable decision to rebuild herself from the ground up as a business woman and as a leader.

Mariana is incredible for her contagious and positive vital energy. Wherever she goes, she brings something almost magical: a natural and comforting serenity, which you know is capable of moving mountains. And she looks to the future in the confident certainty that the best is yet to come.

In OneDreamTeam, we are incredibly lucky of having Mariana within our own ranks, and now we would like to take the opportunity to celebrate her recent promotion to the Black Diamond and also recall this moment she shared with Dr. Ruja Ignatova:

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