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Lead by example.


The network marketing industry has a powerful technique called duplication. It is one of the great pillars that make everything work: you learn to create, manage and grow your mentor’s business, and you will teach it later in the same way to the members of your team.

The art of duplication usually consists in its simplicity and effectiveness. If a method really works, it doesn’t usually get changed. Moreover, it has happened more than once that an attempt to modify or “sophisticate” the duplication system ends up causing confusion in the members of the team and stops working any more.

But the truth is that duplication doesn’t end there. EVERYTHING is duplicable. Not just systems or products…

Attitude is duplicable, habits are duplicable. If you start to put into practice something good, something that works, others will follow you.

This is one of the most effective ways you have to lead by example. You can say that you do something and it works, but if you aren’t seen doing it, you are not really leading intentionally.

Recommend, but not give orders.

If you have a good idea and you want it to spread in your team, you only have to do it first, get others excited about that idea and recommend that they do so. If it works out, it will be duplicated.

It can be about the way of delivering trainings, making videos, organizing weekly meetings, something that you include in your presentations, anything that you think can benefit your team and give it a common identity or its own strength. It may simply be a way to organize your communications. Whatever. If you think it’s good and it can work, do it first. Recommend it later, and keep doing it.

In addition to this, remember that everything you say, you MUST do. You must prove it with your actions. Especially if you talk about work or healthy habits. Don’t demand from your team something that you are not going to do first.

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