The Regional European Event prepares its associates for a very different stage.


On Friday, October 6, a weekend began when many leaders from all over Europe (and some even from other non-European countries) met to put together strategies for the next stages of the development of the company.

OneLife is a project in the process of evolution, and although one of its main goals and reasons to be has to do with the development and release in the market of the OneCoin cryptocurrency, it is not its only job nor will the work finish at that point. And that is one of the main things that became very clear after the Sunday event.

The weekend started with the arrival of the speakers and participants, team meetings and shared enthusiasm, throughout Friday. That night, there was also a gala dinner that was accessible to those who bought the VIP ticket. That dinner was not only a celebration, but it also was dedicated to giving visibility to several projects of OneWorld Foundation and encouraging the guests to participate in supporting such projects. To become heroes for thousands of children throughout the planet.

Saturday was a day for personal growth for many people, with training sessions, testimonials, experiences, lessons and useful advice from some of the most successful leaders of the company.

But the main dish was served on Sunday.

On Sunday, we embraced the sharp and clear vision of several very important leaders of the company, who sent a very explicit message: There is a lot of work to be done.

Kari Wahlroos, the OneLife ambassador in Europe, spoke particularly of DealShaker, the e-commerce platform with payments in OneCoins. He presented a really interesting fact: more than 2000 cars have been sold on the platform so far. More and more products and services of all kinds are on DealShaker, but its development must continue, so Mr. Wahlroos encourages us to focus on local merchants.

After him, Dr. Parwiz Daud and Mansour Tawafi offered us a spectacular presentation. Both are Blue Diamonds representing the UK, where they had an unprecedented success.

Sebastian Greenwod, the Global Master Distributor. It was he who would bring up one of the most important parts of this whole event: his vision and his mission.

The currency is about to go public, very soon, and we have to work hard before and after that happens.

“Once our currency is on the mass market, we’ll have to do everything to make its value grow.”

Over the next few months, the company will be getting prepared for the moment when currency is made public, within a year justly. This preparation will include the way tokens are currently being distributed for mining.

But Greenwood also stressed that the way of working will also change within a year for people and teams. He doesn’t reveal any more information except that we will have to concentrate on two things: educating more people and generating more value for the currency once it is on the market.

The Greenwood’s presentation was also dominated by a very specific vision of the future he wants to fulfil and we all would like to contribute.

“In the future, you won’t carry a wallet on you; you’ll have it in your smartphone.”

And in that future, he wants OneCoin to be the most used and the cheapest currency in transactions.

Following this, Sebastian Greenwood, accompanied by the Crown Diamond Simon Lee, congratulated the leaders and handed a gift to the Blue Diamonds: a beautiful Rolex.

Next up on stage was Staffan Liback, the current leader and the founder of OneDreamTeam, who spoke, above all, of a mindset needed for success.

Staffan talked about how he challenged himself from a young age and that the only way to excellence is practice and constant training.

“To become a surgeon, you need to practise, and to be a leader you also need to train, because it needs technique.”

In Staffan’s presentation, he also spoke about how from a young age, we get accustomed to seeing a NO, negativity and to only thinking about the bad consequences of our actions. What we need is to reprogram our brain, change the approach and think positive. Also, to know how to picture what we want and not give in to frustration.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a year: they get disappointed, if, after a year, they are not Crown Diamonds. But most people also underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

For Staffan, one of the most important things to keep in mind in this industry is that what we do is not recruiting. We shouldn’t have a “recruiting” approach, but become sponsors, or what is the same, help others with their dreams and goals. It is important to remember that each of us has a dream and a personal goal, and when it comes to motivating or encouraging teams, it is even more necessary to remember:

“Don’t expect people to follow your plan, encourage them to follow THEIR PLAN.”

One of the most powerful quotes that Staffan gave us almost at the end of his presentation was “Successful people don’t grow such alone, they build themselves.” They create themselves, every day with action, conviction and training.

And with that advice, we face this new stage in which we build ourselves to be able to adapt to a setting that will change in the coming months, in which we will hear more news and see new products. But this will also take us out of our comfort zones for us to reinvent ourselves as professionals, once again.

It has been a wonderful event that excites because of everything that is to come.

We want to give special thanks to the leaders who collaborated in making this possible: Ana Flavia, Diane Mendivelso, Alejandra Chica, a Colombian Diamond, and German Vargas for great work during the recognition session. Also, special thanks to the speakers who offered us their wisdom and experience.

And of course, the main organizers, the people who had worked hard to make this special occasion a reality: Carlos Mayoralas, Juan Antonio Sánchez and the rest of the production and marketing team.

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