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Learn by reading: books that will help you in your training as a networker.


Education is very important in your development, not just what you can learn from your mentors. You have to take responsibility for your own growth as if it were part of your job, because, in a way, it is.


To be able to work better, advance and get better results sooner, in addition to an iron discipline and a massive and intense action, you need to read a lot. You don’t have to study a lot of data by heart or sit any tests; just read, understand, assimilate and be open to these books to change your life, or at least the way you see it.


Here are the top three topics you should read about while you are in your first year as a networker:


About the development of a mindset oriented to success.

Your mindset is the first thing you should start training in this business. You must learn to think like a true entrepreneur and have the necessary attitude to acquire the habits so as to face decision making and to take responsibility for your own progress and success. Many of us have grown up and got educated thinking of getting a job, therefore, we thought as employees. These books will help you get rid of excuses, motivate you, but above all, think like an entrepreneur, something you will need to thrive.


About sales and marketing techniques.

Network marketing has the word Marketing for some reason. So, it is important to gain several points of view on marketing and update that knowledge according to new techniques and new communication models. You will discover that, as a networker, you are your own brand, and you must take care of it as you represent yourself as well as the company. In fact, you represent more yourself than the company. It’s not only that they buy the product, but that they buy it from YOU. So look for books on sales and marketing.


About leadership.

You are going to need leadership skills in the long term: at some point, you will create a team and lead. But not only that; leadership skills are those that will also give you confidence, social skills and the ability to adapt to situations and changes. The leadership ability is useful in any area of ??life and in almost any job that you decide to do, any project you would like to start and any type of business you would like to create. Whatever your long-term plan, read about leadership and follow the advice: you will notice that your whole life improves.


Extra advice: don’t get too complicated.

Start with these topics on your own, search on Amazon, Google, at your neighbourhood bookstore, the nearest public library. Buy or borrow books (and get them back in good shape!), but read. The rest, learn from your mentors and practice, and if you want to learn more about things later, such as neurolinguistic programming, network marketing systems or much more technical things, good. But that is when you have already successfully learned from the books and succeeded in putting into practice the previous topics.


Remember that learning never ends, so it’s always better to set realistic goals for the amount of reading and topics you can cover while working in the first months of your business and coaching with your mentor.

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