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The value of each OneCoin is more than 15 Euros!


It happened today!

We have experienced a rise of no less than 3,5 euros in the price of each OneCoin. This is important news, not only because the currency continues to gain value, but because every time the rise is a little bigger.

It is a steady, stable and relatively predictable rhythm: this becomes a very positive feature of our currency.

Although no one knows for sure the exact value it will have, for example, in two years, we can say that it will keep growing in a slow but steady way. And maybe, next rise will happen in a few months, and the value will be 20 euros, which was something we already saw as possible at the beginning of this year.

It took us a whole year to get to the first 6 euros, so, rises like the latest ones we have observed are simply amazing.

This happens for several reasons: an increase in the number of users, a greater usability and movement of the currency… But, mainly:

The main thing of all is that we have a colossal number of professionals out there who are doing a wonderful job. They educate people and spread, at the same time, the existence of OneCoin. They unveil a new collaborative economy, independent of markets, fluctuations and speculation.

It is thanks to each and every one of them who help create a huge community of users. And it is thanks to these also: users, miners, those who put their offers on DealShaker and those who decide to buy something rather on DealShaker than on another e-commerce platform.

It is a currency that we are creating among all, and we are making it strong, stable and usable among all.

This is what we aspire to. To be a strong currency of everyday use. And we are getting closer and closer to 100%.

In a matter of months, OneCoin will cease to be private, and we will no longer offer tokens with educational packages. It’s really exciting to think about the time to come and try to guess the price of the first OneCoin that can be bought outside the private community. We cannot give an exact figure, but everything goes to show that we will have exceeded the target of 25 euros.

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