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Macao Global Event, marking another big step.


It has been three hectic days, and we have hardly had rest or to fully taken in the things that have been happening. But with the convention officially finished, it’s time to gather some of the highlights and the most important news.

On Friday, many leaders received an invitation from Dr. Ruja Ignatova, who held a private party aboard a boat that toured Macao. It was a celebration of the beginning of the convention and probably a way to say goodbye personally as CEO of OneCoin.

On Saturday, the focus of attention was the ranking and recognition to leaders. Some new ranks were announced, and it’s really important when you and your work are recognized at an international event.

But the highlight of all this weekend was the yesterday event.

In addition to being a totally spectacular event that astonished all the attendees, about five thousand people who came together in the Studio City Event Centre, it was, as we are already used to, a perfect opportunity to announce the next strategic steps of both sister companies, OneCoin and OneLife.

At the previous global event, the Mastermind, Dr. Ruja Ignatova announced that she was leaving the OneLife management so as to give way to a Network Marketing expert, Pablo Muñoz. This time, she announced her retreat from the management of OneCoin. On this occasion, the person chosen to take responsibility was Pierre Arens, a professional in the world of finance with more than 25 years’ experience working in banking and with both financial products and innovation. A perfect choice for a financial company that aspires to make its product, cryptocurrency, public and give it a massive use. Although Dr. Ruja doesn’t completely leave the company: she will remain on the board of directors.

But this is not all the news. Let’s make a quick review:

  • Tokens will no longer be available in educational packages once OneCoin is on the Public Offer for the Sale.
  • Tokens will remain available for the next nine or twelve months.
  • Acquisition of licenses for different markets.
  • New currency-related products will be announced shortly.
  • News about OFCs and currency exchange.
  • Current negotiations with at least three currency exchange companies.
  • There are still 3500 PowerPacks available for purchase.
  • New technology is under development.
  • Problem solving in cooperation with financial supervisors.

More details are expected in the coming days, as well as a White Paper that would clearly explain some of the most technical details, especially regarding the IPO and the OFCs.


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