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Outstanding Leader: Jota Balcazar.


He has not reached the age of 30 and is already an outstanding leader who shines bright and who will become key to the transformation of both the Network Marketing industry and the economy. He belongs to the generation that is taking business and forms of consuming and working to a higher level, which many still struggle to see.

His name is Jota Balcazar and he is one of the leaders who you would like to keep an eye on this year, as well as in the coming ones.

They say that before becoming Networker you aspired to be a footballer. It is a quintessential success dream of many children and young people. How did you find out that your real dream was doing business? How did you discover this industry?

Well, since I was born, I have had a great mentor: my dad, who involved me 100% with football, trying to convince me every day, so much that I managed to play professionally on several teams around the world including Spain, the United States and Colombia. This forged my character, taught me determination and above all the discipline.

At the age of 22 or 23, I realized that football was not “My Passion”, even though I was excellent on the pitch, I realized that I preferred doing other things more that dedicating myself to being a footballer.

This path was not easy, because when you don’t know how to do anything else, it’s difficult to find out what other thing you are good at. Although I can say that football is a very nice sport because it teaches you to give the best of yourself, to understand what there are situations in life in which you must accept a “NO” answer and start every training, every game, every team from the beginning. You learn that each stage is a new beginning and a new opportunity to get the best of you. But as I said, it wasn’t was not easy, and I was very anxious, always looking for options, alternatives and businesses that would allow me to generate additional income. I wanted something of my own, something mine that I would build on my own using my abilities.

In fact, when I was a kid, I used to sell whatever I could at school so as to have my money and buy my things. During the football period there were times when I had little to do, so I used these moments to create small companies. For example, I had a fast food restaurant, I also used to sell frozen food, clothes, watches… well, I liked selling because I knew it always generated profits that are significant for my age.

How did you react to your first NO? How did you get over it?

Let’s talk about my first NO in Network Marketing, because life gives you millions of NO. Are we clear?

In one of my football breaks, at the age of 17, a great friend and today also one of my greatest leaders, German Vargas, presents me with the Network marketing business.

I got really enthusiastic, so I started with my first task which was a visit to my mother, who always supports me in everything. But it was she who gave me my first NO. She told me that that soap I was going to start distributing was not good for the house, and I thought, “I’ve run out of business, I cannot sell anything even in my own house.” And I laughed, thinking I had made a bad investment.

But over time I discovered that my mother was right. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to support me, the soap that I wanted to sell wasn’t suitable for my house because of some chemical issues. I only discovered it now, 11 years after that refusal, and I got pretty much amused. So, that’s how I experienced my first NO in Network marketing. Although, to tell the truth, I was already used to it in football. As I said before, it’s a sport of ups and downs in which you are not always at the top. Many times you must start again without refusing the goal or changing your attitude. You have to give the best of you each new day. So I applied this in Network Marketing.

Did you have any weaknesses to work on?

Yes, of course, there is something to improve in each person. I personally was very afraid to speak in public and be a role model or a leader, because it’s a great responsibility, and you must be consistent in your speech and your actions.

The same when I started in Network Marketing selling health products. I didn’t fully understand or value the system, so I didn’t feel comfortable with offering the products.

If you had to describe your style of networking or your personal way of giving a presentation in two or three words, which ones would you choose?

Respect, honesty and consistency.

“Millenials” can easily deal with new technologies and disruptive markets. Were you familiar with the cryptocurrency concept before you started on OneLife?

No, not only did I have no idea about cryptocurrencies, but I also didn’t fully believe in the Digital Age. My fiancee is a Director of Marketing specializing in Digital Marketing, but what I liked saying since we started our relationship was that she studied in Google, but in reality I didn’t value her profession as it deserved. Now I do. And the digital media have shown me that with small investments you reach every corner of the world, you can even change lives at distances unimaginable years ago. Do you know how much it would cost for a traditional company to advertise itself globally? It’s an exorbitant sum of money! While with 500 € per month well distributed in a digital ecosystem, you can reach every corner of the planet that has access to the Internet. That is EVOLUTION. And we have to benefit and take advantage of all this to change not only our reality, but the reality of millions of people on this planet who are in search of what I, thank God, have already found.

Do you use an online application or tool that helps you to organize your leadership practice and to plan?

As I said before, I am not 100% digital, I am a combination between the traditional and the new era, I am adapting. I have the habit of writing everything in my personal schedule, both appointments and goals and dreams, but my fiancee is in charge of magnifying my ideas, dreams, events, everything in the digital ecosystem that she created for me, and I must say it turned out to be very useful.

But to be more precise, I have my personal web page, my fan page, my Instagram and even a Pinterest account, all thanks to her and her digital experience.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration in life have been those people who day after day go out to find their dreams. Those people who inspire others and set an example that in life, you can do what you truly believe you can achieve.

What are your short-term plans for the future? Your biggest goal right now?

More than talking about plans in general, I would like to share my vision with the Network:

“To change lives of 3 million people in the world from my example and coherence, always inspiring them with my results.”

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