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Interview with Mariana López de Waard


Mariana Lopez de Waard has got on her list of achievements a very special one and impossible to overcome: she was the first Diamond woman in OneLife. Now, as a Blue Diamond and on her way to the Black Diamond title, she is one of the most active and representative members of OneDreamTeam in Europe and Latin America.
Although she is relatively new in the industry, with less than three years of experience as a networker, she already is a role model and a reference for future generations of leaders.

What did the year 2016 mean for your career? And what are your plans for this year?

2016 was an exceptional year, both for my career and for me personally. It was the year to see the fruits of the work we had done the previous 3 years, during which I had been focusing all my efforts on becoming the person I always wanted to be, to achieve success.
In 2017, my goal is to keep growing and to be able to support the entire team that has trusted in me. My responsibility is also growing together with the team. The OneLife community has just started to thrive in Europe and Latin America, so there is a lot of work to be done, and my objective is to duplicate my success story with anyone who wants to achieve the same.

What has been the best moment over this last year for you? You know, a moment when you would say “this is why I dedicate myself to network marketing”

There are many moments when I think that. For example, the fact that in this job, you have a possibility to travel to so many wonderful places which I could only dream about before, and to meet so many incredible people. But I especially like the moments when I receive those messages full of love and gratitude from the people I have impacted and in some way helped change and improve their lives. I couldn’t imagine how many people I can reach and help by sharing my own experience.

You are already a leader who boosts other leaders, with your own name and a remarkable talent. What are you looking for in a potential leader?

I really think we are all leaders, the only difference is that some are more developed than others. For me, the fundamental things are loyalty, ethics and solid belief in oneself and in our project, the rest comes with work, effort and practice.

What do you think is the secret of success?

In my opinion, there is no secret. But my formula has been to believe in myself, believe in the business and not to stop until I achieve my goals.

Tell us a little about your team. We know you have a great team in several countries around the world. How do you keep them active and working so well?

You cannot imagine how grateful I am to them. They are great people. We all came together with a common goal, and this is what creates synergy. I believe in leading by example and not stopping until you reach the top. But after each top, there is another, a higher one. This is progress, and it is very satisfactory.
A team always works well with continuous support and good communication. We hold events, organize training sessions and promotions and try to overcome any obstacle that we find on our way.

You have always borne as a hallmark to make a difference and open a way for women in this industry. Fortunately, we can see more and more leaders, Diamonds, more strong women presenting large teams. After you have reached the Diamond title in OneLife, how do you see the evolution of women’s leadership?

Women make up 76% of our industry. I believe that we are on the right track as we occupy more and more high positions. A lot of female talent is developing in our project, and there will be many more women Diamonds soon, I’m sure.

What do you think network marketing will mean in the future, for both men and women?

I think, it’s already pretty clear for many that network marketing is an honourable profession, and entrepreneurship is no longer just some extra work, but a serious activity in today’s market. The labour market is obsolete, and the tendency is that people don’t get paid per hours spent at the desk, but for the results obtained. The longer it takes for future generations to understand this, the harder it will be for them to build up a promising future. Happiness consists in self improvement, and this is what entrepreneurship gives you. On the other hand, being stuck in the same job all your life causes all those illnesses that are so spread nowadays, like depression and others. It’s no longer enough to be good at something, now, you must be really exceptional in everything you do.

As a mother, you know that when children grow, they fantasize about the professions of adults, but network marketing is still something that is not well-known or fully understood among adults themselves. Has your child ever said to you “Mom, I want to be a networker”? How do children, like your son or his friends, perceive this profession?

Honestly, my son fantasizes about becoming a firefighter or a policeman, I don’t pressure him into anything, but let him live his fantasies and his dreams so as to develop his creativity. He would love to be able to accompany me in my trips and to see how I help people undertake. This is what gains his attention now, and that’s enough for me. He is a schoolboy, and his education is a priority now. For this reason, I still don’t take him on my trips, but we already have plans for future travels. I look forward to that.

And speaking about next generations, you work with a lot of technology in an industry traditionally focused on consumable products. Do you think that this combination of network marketing and advanced technologies is a new tendency?

Absolutely, and in addition we are seeing it now: more and more companies embrace technology and spread it through this commercial system. Everything focuses on the speed that the Internet offers us, and whoever doesn’t use it will never be competitive in this age.

How did you get on with technology before starting in OneLife?

It’s one of my passions. One of my two degrees I studied was Development of IT applications, in Germany. I always wanted to stay up to date with the latest technological advances, and that’s why I very quickly understood the cryptocurrency concept and realised the potential of the financial evolution, which we are pioneering.

What is the best part of the day for you?

As I spend little time at home because of my trips where I support international teams, the best part is being with my son. I’m very busy all the time, so I try to compensate it when I’m at home having quality time with him.

Do you have any habit to motivate yourself?

I have developed daily habits of reading and studying, which is fundamental. I’m thankful for every day. I do sport so as to develop my body and to clear my mind and my emotions.

Do you have big dreams to fulfil? Would you share any with us now?

Oh, yes! I still have a lot of dreams ahead, of course. I’ve got a very long list, that’s what drives me every day. And each time I reach one dream, I add new ones to the list. I can say that I want to keep changing as many lives as possible and to be an example for many people. Especially for my son, I want him to be proud of his mother, and I want to make him understand that everything is possible in life if we really want it.

Mariana Lopez de Waard proves that success is simply a matter of intention combined with action. We hope she and her team will achieve all their goals and make their dreams come true.

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