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Thinking differently is a great talent.


It has always been considered a disadvantage to deviate from the norm and to be different. We grew up, generation after generation, thinking that some dreams should remain only dreams and that we should only do, learn and enjoy the things that are useful to get “a real job.” That job is usually boring and frustrating, where you barely get paid enough for to live a month. But you go there every morning and become a useful member of society, which is what counts.

Well, it’s high time these ideas slowly faded away. Look at the numbers: more than a third of CEOs want creative people in their teams, and those numbers are growing every day.
The idea of an obedient and uniformed employee is gradually phased out, it’s the new era of those who dare to have their own ideas. Because a creative and decisive person is able to adapt, to contribute and to take initiative.

The new profile of a good professional includes a certain amount of curiosity. A curious person learns things before anyone else, and even those things that may be useful for them in the future. A curious person is also willing to try new things, to see all the sides of a challenge and to enjoy bringing new experiences and knowledge to their lives. This kind of a professional doesn’t stop learning because they don’t want to stop doing it. They know that the knowledge they acquire will give them the resources to face any situation and will broaden their outlook on problems.

Someone who thinks differently, thinks “out of the box,” is someone who doesn’t believe in limitations. If something cannot be done in one way, they think until they find another plan that is achievable so as to get the same result.

To think differently is also to understand the risks in a different way. Without a little risk, nothing new would have been achieved throughout history. All great things start with a different idea and someone who took the risk of carrying it out.

So, thinking differently means trusting your instincts, having initiative, being creative, searching for new knowledge and never being satisfied with the situation you don’t like. And this is recognized as a talent that has its reward.

And you, do you think differently?

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