Energy Systems based on the Blockchain.

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There was a very interesting piece of news appeared on the Internet not long ago, which may be the beginning of a major change around the world. It may just be the first of many other steps that have been taken in recent months to make the Blockchain one of the key technologies for the future.

Here is goes: the Energy Department of the United States has begun to study possibilities to develop a new energy system that would be based on the Blockchain technology.

The idea arose after having realized how solid and secure the Blockchain is when protecting digital data from hacker attacks and to preserving authentic and 100% accurate measurement information. That’s why the US Energy Department is seeking to adapt its energy systems to this technology so as to get real-time meter readings and to create smart contracts that make the necessary arrangements. There exited an idea of ??a system that would carry out “Internet of things” actions in order to speed up measurements and operations, but it’s the blockchain that creates infallible and secure environment for its functioning.

It’s not surprising that other departments in this country or in other countries begin to consider the benefits that this new technology can provide.

At present, the Energy Department is accepting proposals and has no specific project in progress, but we we’ll soon see how this plan is carried out and what changes it will bring after putting its project into operation.

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