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Four things you’ll need to succeed in network marketing


1. Motivation.
To be motivated, you have to be very clear about what your “why” are. Whether you want to earn more money, be your own boss, get a better life for your family or because you never felt like having a traditional job and need to find your place in a new business model. Whatever your reason, you must decide what it is, how important it is, and you must always keep it in mind, because it’s what will help you to move forward when there are difficult moments or tougher challenges.

2. Determination.
In order to get the ball rolling, you yourself must start moving and act according to that plan. In addition, you cannot expect to be fully educated and trained to develop your business, because there is no such thing as “being fully educated”, even less in network marketing.
So, your determination is to start with motivation and strength to go for your goal as well as to develop personally and professionally. Any mistakes you are going to make along the way (the same as all those who did it before you) are part of the process of becoming a leader.

3. Education.
Yes, I have told you before that it’s more important to be determined than to have knowledge, but that doesn’t mean that you will not learn. Starting a business, you’re going to be learning by doing. You’re going to get training and learn things all along you professional way. And when you are good, you will be better. And when you think you know everything, something new to learn will appear.
You will learn about marketing, finance, leadership, social skills. And nowadays, you will have to learn about technology, social networks, etc… You will read books to understand success, even to understand yourself. Because your mood and self-esteem are very important when facing challenges.

4. Patience.
Ah, patience… Little is said about this virtue, but it’s crucial. Many people start out in the network marketing industry thinking that it will be easy money, but it’s not. It’s difficult: a lot of people won’t understand you, or they won’t take time to listen to you. And this is normal, it happened to everybody. You will need time to learn to do things well, to develop and to start seeing results. In many cases, it’s not until the second year when the results become visible. So, you need to be patient, to learn from your mistakes and to avoid frustrations that, otherwise, will only slow you down.
In these moments you must remember the first point: your motivation.

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